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With Aquablade doing windows and the shower doesn’t have to be a pain after all
Jessie Cairns
Total time saver, I’d recommend to friends and family Thx!
Easy to use and it made cleaning really fast too. Glad I purchased it
Robin O


Clean hard-to-reach surfaces with our easy, quick-drying cleaning device.

The AquaBLADE is a quality cleaning tool made in Italy. It is designed to dry smooth wet surfaces without effort and is safe to use on all types of material. AquaBLADE consists of a silicone wiper blade with a water conveyance channel/drip tray on one side. It provides quick, easy, residue, and streak-free cleaning, allowing your surfaces to dry almost immediately! This set also comes with a handy microfibre washer and a long pole to reach those high windows and hard-to-reach areas.

Key Benefits

  • Cleans smooth surfaces with ease.
  • Grabs and dries while it cleans.
  • No more dripping as you wash. No mess!

Our Aquablade Wiper Set includes

  • Aquablade Silicon Wiper Set 6pcs – MADE IN ITALY
  • 1 x 30cm Aquablade Blue + Drip tray yellow
  • 1 x 20cm Aquablade Blue + Drip tray yellow
  • 1 x 28cm Washer with Microfibre Cloth
  • 1 x 28cm Extra replacement Microfibre Cloth
  • 1 x 35cm powder-coated metal handle yellow with blue plastic parts
  • 1 x 119cm 3pcs powder-coated metal handle yellow with blue plastic parts
  • 1 x instruction leaflet
  • 5yr guarantee

Works on

  • shower doors/cubicles
  • windows
  • tiles
  • glass-topped surfaces
  • glass doors
  • laminate
  • mirrors
  • cars
  • boats
  • caravans
  • much more…


Additional information


Aquablade 30cm Wiper Set, 20cm Cleaning head with handle, Replacement microfibre head

What our customers say about our Aquablade

My name is Barbara , I purchased an AquaBlade recently, and arrived yesterday. I have used it today and I thought you would like to know, that it is absolutely brilliant, it has cut down cleaning by at least half, as we have a lot of glass area, it is a never-ending job, the beauty of is no streaks, no hard rubbing or scrubbing perfect. Thank you for a wonderful product that actually does what it says, will be telling friends. Regards Barbra.


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Clean hard-to-reach surfaces with our easy,  quick-drying cleaning device, leaving your surfaces clean, dry and streak-free almost immediately!
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