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I was a bit skeptical, but works exactly as advertised!
Gillian Copely
greta quality and a good price aswell
John hawkins
Been looking for something like this for ages, finally found it. Thanks Arkay!
Margaret Hutchison


Super Absorbent Drying Coat

The special design of our super absorbent Drying Coat is that we use two layers .

The bottom layer will wick away the moisture and the top layer will absorb the moisture meaning your dogs not sitting in a wet jacket , Keeping them warmer after those wet winter walks .

The highly absorbent and soft microfibre drying coat dries the dog much faster and keeps them far warmer.

The high collar can be opened up from the front and rolled back and fastened into place with the velcro adjustment which makes the coat quick and easy to put on. The wide velcro secure waistband ensures that the coat stays snuggly in place and makes it fit perfectly. On hot summer days, the jacket can be used as a cooling coat for the dog, just soak the coat in cold water and pop it on the dog.

Soft and absorbent, these designs ensure maximum wicking, warmth and comfort without restricting movement. Ideal for use after wet walks, baths, working etc  . Use them all year round – perfect for the cold winter months for drying and warming and also in the hot summer months ,simply soak in cold water to cool and calm your dog.

✅ High quality double thickness cotton towelling
✅ Features and extra long adjustable neck for drying ears
✅ Smart, durable and practical
✅ Great protection for home and car
✅ Drying, warming or cooling
✅ Machine washable
✅ Sizes to fit all breeds
✅ Wash at 30 degrees
✅ Tumble dry at low heat
✅ Do not bleach



                                         Sizing Chart

11kg – 15kg
41cm – 49cm
Cocker Spaniels
Tibetan Terriers
KC Cavalier Spaniels
French Bulldog
In between Medium/Large
15kg – 22kg
49cm – 57cm
Small Bearded Collies
Big Staffies
Springer Spaniels
Small Border Collies
Small British Bulldogs
22kg – 29kg
57cm – 67cm
Small Retrievers
Bearded Collies
Border Collies
29kg – 40kg
64cm – 72cm
Large Labradors
Golden Retrievers
Large Pointers
German Shepherds
Large Labradoodles
Flat Coat Retrievers
Standard Poodle


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What size is best for my dog?
A: Working out the right size is simple. All you need to know is your dog’s weight and their top line measurement, from their shoulder blades to the top of their tail .check the size chart to help you make your choice .
Q: What if my dog is in between sizes?
A: In this instance we usually say go for the larger size. Most dogs can fit two sizes. The bigger size will cover and dry more of your dog .
Q: Can I try the Drying Coat on my dog when it arrives  for size?
A: No problem pop it on, please make sure your dog is dry and clean please, you might want  to exchange it!


Caring for your Drying Coat

Q: How should I wash my Drying Coat?
A: Wash it with the Velcro done up, on 30, without fabric softener. Tumble dry on gentle.
Q: Can I tumble dry my Drying Coat?
A: Yes, you can, on gentle.
Q: Is it best to wash my Drying Coat before using?
A: Yes, you should, otherwise there is the possibility of colour transference to other fabrics. However be sure to try the coat on for size before washing!

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What our customers say about our Super Absorbent Drying Coat 

I have been buying products from Arkay Sales for years. Their quality is unsurpassed and you’ll struggle to find cheaper alternatives that work as well. This is the first hose I've had that hasn't leaked or broken.
ian B
Super Absorbent Drying Coat 

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