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Tried several brushes, none worked as well as this!
Gillian Copely
We tried other grooming tools but this is the best we’ve tried
J Cummins
Definitely recommend to our family and freinds!
Margaret Hutchison


The Ultimate 2 in 1 De-shedding brush

As seen demonstrated live through game and country fairs all over the UK for over 15 years now. Its 2 in 1 function allows you to groom long coats and short coats without tugging and pulling then flip over to the small teeth to remove 90% of all the unseen dead hair in your dog or cats undercoat leaving your pet with a cleaner undercoat and a healthy top coat and of course no more dead hair on your carpet and clothes.



  • For use on dogs, cats, horses etc.
  • Suitable for long and short-haired animals.
  • Eliminates excess fur without cutting or damaging the topcoat
  • Easily reduces shedding by up to 90%
  • Professional quality construction
  • Ergonomically designed for easy use.

Lifetime Guarantee

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Weight .31 kg

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What our customers say about our Groomit Pet Care Brush

We purchased a deshedding brush today at the Cheshire show and we were a little sceptical but we tried it on our two dogs when we got home and were amazed with the results. The dogs didn’t even mind being groomed. We have tried several different brushes and none worked as well as this. We will definitely recommend it to our family and friends!

J Cummins
Groomit Pet Care Brush

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