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I was a bit skeptical, but works exactly as advertised!
Gillian Copely
Absolutley fantastic product, my wife swears by it!
Brian C
Been looking for something like this for ages, finally found it. Thanks Arkay!
Margaret Hutchison


Contactless card protection

Using skimming devices, criminals can brush past you or stand close and read personal data/information from your contactless cards.
Simply place one CardSafe in your wallet, purse or passport holder for added protection. Cardsafe will scramble and jam incoming RFID scanning signals to protect your contactless cards.

Here’s how it works:
•  Cardsafe immediately identifies any threatening signals from nearby skimmers.
•  The card activates itself by automatically being powered on by the skimmer and proactively goes into defense mode.
• Cardsafe, unlike other RFID protectors on today’s market, protects an incredible and unstoppable 90 mm diameter around your personal cards and/or passport.  Like a halo, it jams unwanted signals and goes to work for you.
•  Immediately, your cards’ and/or passport’s sensitive information is invisible to the thieving device and the skimmer’s unwanted signals are scrambled.
•  Lastly, Cardsafe turns itself off once the scanning device is no longer within a dangerous radius.

Carry Cardsafe in your wallet or purse and protect, on average, between 15 to 20 credit cards/chipped items at a time. 

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What our customers say about our Card Safe

I have been buying products from Arkay Sales for years. Their quality is unsurpassed and you’ll struggle to find cheaper alternatives that work as well.

Ian B
Card Safe

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